Progress Reviews

To update you on progress and provide you with the opportunity to discuss progress and input comments and feedback on the module development we will carry out regular reviews with you.

Agreement of the module storyboard
This will include a review of the proposed structure/flow and overall content of the module, assessment (if required), recommended filming, photography, on-screen tutor and animation enabling the project to formally start

Agreement of the branding/logos and page format
This will include the corporate branding of the modules that you require as well as the format of the module slides, assessment tools, and any other specific client requirements such as logos, and associated straplines.

Review of the content and module structure
This will include the specific technical content within the module, the filming, photography, interactivity and suitability of the learning material and assessment questions and format. This will enable the voiceovers and on-screen tutors to be recorded and the interactive links to be created

Final sign-off
This is the stage when the module is signed off, enabling it to go live on the Internet


Construction Library - Module Reviews

The records of all learner assessments are recorded on our secure database. The database records the name, company, e-mail address, date of assessment and associated assessment records to identify areas of strength and weakness for each candidate. Commissioning clients are able to access the records of their specific employees which helps retain Staff Training records and also highlight candidate performance.

All database records are recorded in
accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 through the ICO


If you want a bespoke module developed, we will work with you to develop the branding to suit your corporate colours within CLL guidelines.

We will develop draft templates for you to approve which can include your logos, corporate straplines and imagery so that it reflects the look and feel of your corporate branding guidelines and website

You can rest assured that your module will
be a natural extension of your company branding.

Client Support

Changing traditional training delivery to on-line e-learning is a daunting task. How the modules will be accessed, how your website will link to the modules, how you can gains payments for the modules (if you are looking to sell them commercially) are all issues you need to consider over and above the technical content.

At the Construction Library, we will support you throughout the process including how to buy modules on-line through our SagePay and Paypal facility