Additional Services

In addition to developing and supplying modules to customers the Construction Library is able to provide a range of additional services to employers to help the learning and development of their staff.
Webinars and tutorials
Learners always benefit from having the opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues.
The Construction Library offers webinar to clients using 'Go to Webinar' which can support individual events and our Management Appreciation Programme.
Webinars provide an invaluable opportunity for learners to ask questions, in real time, and discuss issues on specific subjects. Webinars can be run on specific topics and link together experts with Construction Library co-ordinating the webinars on your behalf with all events recorded and posted on-line for you.
If you are interested in please  contact us
Support work-books can help to underpin the training experience and can be developed if a client wishes. Within standard modules support materials and links to further reading are included within the package.
Work-booklets can contain a variety of information such as articles, mock assessments, presentations, worked examples etc.
We have developed workbooks to support our Management Appreciation Programme which provides a high quality reference book for all learners.
Should you wish to discuss the option of workbooks please contact us
In Company Training

Whilst we believe that e-learning is a major tool for effective training delivery we do accept that some companies or situations demand hands-on in-company delivery.
If you are looking for a company specific approach to a particular training need, we can work with you to develop a programme to specifically for you.
To discuss what you require and what is possible please contact us
Phone Apps
Phone Apps
Using Apps to provide instant access to training modules is simple.
The Construction Library has designed phone apps for clients for Android, i-phone and Blackberry devices, making access quick and easy.
If you are interested in a phone app to meet your needs and accesses modules easily in your corporate branding please contact us
Bid Writing
Bid Writing
If you are a company, trade federation or association and you are interested in developing modules but are looking for financial support we have a bid writing service that can help you apply for funding.
With years of bid writing experience we can help you to prepare applications for funding to assist you with development costs.
For more information please contact us
Management Appreciation

It is possible to blend both e-learning and face to face training delivery.

We have developed a Management Appreciation programme which provides five days of face to face tuition which is supplemented by between 7-10 on-line learning modules and assessments along with client specific workbooks.

The programme can be delivered in-company or as part of a Trade Association programme for its members at a hotel, college or on company premises.

If you want to find out more about the programme and what is contains please contact us

Module Accreditation
Accreditation Services

Many clients and companies are looking for training and e-learning modules that have CPD accreditation by an independent body.

We have had a number of modules reviewed and accredited by both CSkills Awards and RIBA. Should clients wish to have their modules accredited we will work with the accrediting/awarding bodies to help do this however the costs for any accreditation will need to be met by the client.


If you want further information on how we can help you to do this please contact us

Member Forums
Construction Photography

Individual companies, or groups of companies, may find the cost of providing additional services prohibitive.

The Construction Library has developed services which offer member forums and webinars. The service is based on a simple monthly agreement and does not involve a long term contract. Member Forums allow individuals to raise questions and gain peer support on-line.

Using the 'Go to Webinar' facility provides quick and simple access for your staff and members to deliver webinars and meetings

For further details and monthly rates please contact us

Filming and photography
Digital Filming

Developing digital film clips to support our e-learning modules is a key part of our work. Our filming is bespoke and we have developed over 160 short films to support our modules.

We are also able to develop promotional corporate videos to help you promote your business to clients or to provide an update for your employees.

We are also able to carry out aerial filming to support any filming as our sister company has CAA permissions which allows us to fly to a height of 400 feet.

Should you wish to discuss this further please contact us